• Embracing the ‘F’ Word

    Embracing the ‘F’ Word

    Failure.  It’s never easy is it? I read a statement from the publisher of Success Magazine and author of The Compound Effect that he LOVES failure.  That seems a little sadistic to me because failure is just simply painful most of the time. As any healthy family does from time to time, we recently...

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     After 50+ miles of hiking over 10 mountain peaks along with another 15 miles of paddling it feels good to be back to work.  I guess while many take a vacation away from work to recuperate I need to come back to work to rest up though in all seriousness the hiking and paddling doesn’t

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  • Tough Mudder

    Tough Mudder

    On Saturday evening we celebrated a close friend’s 50th birthday on a boat cruise out of Kennebunkport. A friend that I hadn’t seen for a few years commented that I must have earned a gold watch by now for my length of time at the bank. I chuckled and acknowledged that I did in fact

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  • ASAP?


    For most people, the experience of jumping out of an airplane is enough of a thrill, but not for Anthony Martin who has redefined the term ASAP. The 47-year-old American escape artist and daredevil had himself dropped out of a plane this week while locked inside a casket with his hands cuffed to a belt...

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