• Hanging Around

    Hanging Around

    So many of the things that I’ve long ago crossed off my list of must-dos my kids have found a way to slip back on.  Years ago, I crossed off the desire to rock-climb only to find myself tethered hundreds of feet up on Whitehorse Ledge in North Conway two years ago looking up and

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  • ASAP?


    For most people, the experience of jumping out of an airplane is enough of a thrill, but not for Anthony Martin who has redefined the term ASAP. The 47-year-old American escape artist and daredevil had himself dropped out of a plane this week while locked inside a casket with his hands cuffed to a belt...

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  • Lemon Twist

    I woke up early on Saturday morning, threw my kayak on the car, paddle and lifejacket in the trunk – then hesitated.  Maybe I had too much to do… so many things ran through my mind that I started to unpack only to repack it again.  I decided that I would just shorten the kayak

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