• Listen Up

    Listen Up

    If you were going on a job interview today, what would you say is the most important skill you would need?  Is it writing to create a knockout cover letter and resume?  Or maybe salesmanship?  After all, aren’t we all salesmen in one way or another, regardless of our profession, starting from the...

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  • Everyone can vote

    Everyone can vote

    by Olivia Jones That’s right, everyone. Blacks, whites, women, men, children…anyone. Anyone who holds a crisp hundred dollar bill in their wallet or a dilapidated penny tucked between the cushions of their couch holds the same earth-shattering ability to vote. Each and every time you pass that all-too-underestimated...

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  • Money, Money, Money

    This week, someone told me that money isn’t important to them.  Really?  I’ll admit that money is pretty darn important to me.  It provides the means for me to work on, improve, and enjoy the meaningful things in my life – relationships, intellectual growth, career, health, emotional vitality,...

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