After 50+ miles of hiking over 10 mountain peaks along with another 15 miles of paddling it feels good to be back to work.  I guess while many take a vacation away from work to recuperate I need to come back to work to rest up though in all seriousness the hiking and paddling doesn’t

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  • Make a Wish

    Make a Wish

    1:11 make a wish. Our daughter Olivia jumps at every opportunity to think about what she wants.  Her walls are lined with Post-it notes of the many things that she wants to accomplish in the future and it is always great to watch her reach one of her goals and pull a note down. 2:22

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  • GOSH


    Autumn is my favorite time of the year. The air is crisp, fall colors are vivid, and from the top of a mountain peak you feel as though you can see forever.  Last week I trekked up Bald Mountain in Rangeley, Maine.  It is just a short hike but the little mountain that divides Rangeley

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