by Olivia Jones

That’s right, everyone. Blacks, whites, women, men, children…anyone. Anyone who holds a crisp hundred dollar bill in their wallet or a dilapidated penny tucked between the cushions of their couch holds the same earth-shattering ability to vote.

Each and every time you pass that all-too-underestimated currency across the glossy glass counter and into the cashier’s hand, you are casting a vote. A vote on how you want this world to be.

9649_tonemapped,smallYou may have thought that the last shopping spree you went on merely changed the contents of your closet and the quality of your appearance; but think again. Think about what that money funded; what it supported.
What you might have thought was an innocent splurge for a new SUV, was actually directly aiding global warming. How about the last time you thought you would save some money by indulging in a nutritionless burger from BK? That purchase granted the franchise just a little more money to continue providing heartaches-in-a-bun to our growing obese population. Did you know that that burger is multiple grades below dog food? That’s right, the porky pooch next door eats better than that.

The point of the matter is that your voice can be heard on more than just Election Day. Sure, putting the right people in office and voting for the right bills can set this country in motion, but the questions on the ballet are only imposed based on the actions we execute each and every day.

9717_tonemapped - ps,smallIt’d be nice to think that our world cared more about quality than quantity – but matter of factly, it is money that drives our decisions. Being an educated consumer is perhaps even more important than being an educated voter.

So think twice, read your labels, and be a little discerning with your dollar bills – they’re worth more than their face value.