What others are saying about Mark and “simple ¢ents”…
Helping people out in the world is something I care deeply about and I can see you feel the same way– your emails and your articles are just amazing.
– John Chase, Chase Custom Homes and Finance.

I wanted to write to you myself and tell you how much I look forward to receiving your write-ups.  You definitely have a gift!!!  I forward them to my sons and friends.  I always find something that touches my heart and makes my day better.

– Giselle Roy, P & C Insurance

Mark is a much appreciated beacon of light in the business world.

-Deborah Meek, Remax Tru Brit Realty

Mark you do a great job with Simple Cents, there is always something to take from them and use or reflect on in the readers personal lives and situations, I truly enjoy them and keep up the great work, it truly is good stuff!

– Paul Collard, Todd Benefit Group

This is great material…as always!  I quote and paraphrase your blog often Mark, thanks for everything you are and what you do!

-Elaine Prendergast, Sotheby Legacy Properties

Mark Jones is our E.F. Hutton.  What he has to say is always valuable and people are always willing to listen.

– Fred Kennedy, President O.O.B. Chamber of Commerce

Mark, this is great!…but…I sorry to say that I need to no longer associate with you as you are bringing my average down 🙂  Just KIDDING…my average is way up due to you. What you say is very true.

– Carl Trottier, Boulos Agency

…I so admire you and your integrity. You are one of the truly bright lights of our community!  I really appreciate your “Simple Cents” information/inspiration.  In my opinion, you have a book in the making here—“A Devotional Guide to Financial Fulfillment”

–Burt Howe

I just left you a voice mail message which was brief telling you how much I like your e-mails. I have come to admire you and I have never met you! I wanted to reach out and Thank-you for taking the time to write your messages. Each one has connected with me in some way. Your most recent really struck home on all levels and I thought it was time to let you know that you are making a difference in my life and I am sure for many others. Again, Thanks for making a difference in my thinking and giving so many hope and encouragement.


– R.R.

You are one of the most positive and upbeat people I know – PLEASE always stay the way you are!

– Terri

 In my book Mark Jones is a real Power House!

– Mike Hannah, Remax Absolute

Thank you Mark.  Your articles are so well written!  They put a smile on my face.  I really enjoy reading them.  Even though I do not know you I can tell through your heartfelt messages that you are a “Class Act” yourself!  Don’t forget that.

– Deborah

Just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I appreciate and look forward to reading your weekly blogs.  They always seem touch my heart and make me stop a really think about one topic or another.  This week’s message in particularly moved me.  Mark, you are an amazing mentor and inspire greatness in people that you come in contact with!

Thank you again and have a wonderful day,

– Melissa

it is obvious that Mark puts much effort and thought into creating his blog posts.  They are meaningful, relevant and I look forward to them each week.

-John Solari, MD

I don’t know when you have the time tor write these but I am so glad that you do!  I really enjoy them and this particular one…  I preach!!  Thanks again for including me!

-Cheri M. McCarthy, Met Life NE/NY Account Executive

I truly appreciate all of your advice each week, but today the #1 tip about setting goals resonates with me.

– R.B.

Absolutely love these!

– Judi Gorenflo – Bank of America Home Loans

I just wanted to say, although your articles are really good, you write them so very well and I do read them,  I always find myself completely captivated by the photos! I draw away from the words and find myself staring intently at the pictures!!! They are just so darn good Mark!!! Thanks for sharing your talent…

– Judy M.

Keep up the good work.  I read all your Simple Cents posts and look forward to each one.

– Charlton Smith, owner Transparent Audio

Again you blow my mind w/this newsletter.   I think you should be a motivational speaker.  I think that’s your calling?  Thank you again for making my Friday evening when I’m working.  You always expand my mind and inspire me to think about important things.  Thank you.

 -Anne Marie Cooke, Keller Williams

Mark, I’ve got to tell you again how much I enjoy your ‘Simple Cents’ columns .  Just so you know, the walkoff homerun story is one I’m going to share with my team at an opportune time.

 – David Clement – Florida

Another perfect and inspiring story by the talented Mark Jones – you have a wonderful talent with words – and the photos are always awesome!  – Thank you!

– Joyce Talbot

Thanks for sharing.  It’s so pleasant to spend a few minutes ready something inspiring instead of always focusing on problems and issues.

– Judy Hutzler- Mortgage Network

I feel honored that you write these just for me!   You always say the right things & know just what I need to hear….

– Mark Fortier, Town & Shore Realty

Mark- Wow- this one is especially great!  I think you out did your self with this one- It is so basic, yet so true.

– Andy Caroline, Charles Schwab

That my friend just made my heart smile.

– Judy M.

Thank you very much Coach, this is much appreciated! You have always been someone that I have always respected and looked up to in my life .

– Veer P.

I just now read this post.  Talk about a sign when you need it.  The message was exactly what I needed right this very second.  Isn’t it funny that we get messages and phone calls from people we haven’t heard from in a long time? It seems that the people and in this case the message are always there when we need it most.  It turns out that although this email was sent in July, I got it when I needed it most.  God does work in mysterious ways.


Thanks for sending these posts to me. They are always very nice reading material, and the points are always well made. You may have missed your calling as a writer, although you are already in a good position.

– Bob Nantel, Maine Medical Center

…,great piece buddy! This one`s going home to the kids! Best!

– Kurt Jepson, Saco Bay Physical Therapy

…All I can say is wow!!!!  I love your blog.  Please make sure to add my e-mail.  I can’t wait for the next one.  In reading the testimonials  everyone hit your qualities with a grand slam home run.  I’ve always been one of your biggest advocates and send friends your way whenever possible.  It is true that you have a way of making your clients/friends feel like they are the only customer.  Your genuine.  Whenever we have done business I felt like a sponge soaking up everything that you have explained paving a clear path to a very sound financial decision.  You have NEVER steered me wrong.  You’re a breath of fresh air to deal with and some how always taking the stress out of every transaction. 

 -Terri Turcotte

Another great story! You’re really honing your narrative skills and should consider writing a book or perhaps a sitcom 🙂

I decided to take your advice but can’t find anyone willing to sell me helium (I have plenty of hot air though)! Perhaps I don’t have the proper container to store/transport it with. Do you give loans for that type of equipment?

All fun aside, I enjoy your analogies as they are truly inspiring and we all need that every once in a while to help us remain optimistic and ambitious. Thanks for putting so much effort into it and for sharing it with us. That takes courage.

All the best,

– Chris

Have you thought about writing a book?  You have great stories and A LOT of knowledge to share.

– Andy Garcia, Dominican Republic

Mark, I continue to enjoy your wonderful essays week after week.

-Dr. Jeffrey Thurlow, Director of Surgery, York Hospital

Your columns are well written and provide, well … wonderful simple sense reminders.  Keep them coming.

-Bob Danielson, Esq., Old Port Title

I Just wanted to say thanks for the emails, I really enjoy them.

-Jim Winnie



This article is powerful.  You  really touched my heart, you are so right about how giving changes our hearts.  Thanks for sharing.

– Kim Blier

Good morning, Mark.  I just wanted to take a minute to update you on the impact you’ve had on financial literacy in general and our department in particular. After your presentation, kids were talking about personal finances whenever the opportunity for conversation comes along in my classes–they STILL do.  As a matter of fact, just yesterday, two of them clued me in to the fact that you are constantly forwarded information to them, and they certainly do appreciate it.  So, you’ve made an incredible impact on very impressionable teenagers — far more than you perhaps realize.

– Jan Corliss, Bonnie Eagle High School

I wanted to drop a note to you to let you know we enjoy your simple sense articles so much!

Best to you Mark,  Connie Barr, Blue Willow Property Inspections

I look forward to your wisdom each week, and my middle son also reads your advice. You are a good man, you are THE man.   Stay happy, thanks for reaching out. I am proud to have you as a friend.

– Steve Leackfeldt, Bar Harbor Bank and Trust

…I just want to thank you for being so interested in the future of so many students.  We are students you have never met before and don’t even know particularly well.  It is really nice to see someone who cares that much about so many kids.  It really touches my heart.  Thanks for being such a good person and helping today’s youth become smarter adults.  I know I speak for most of us when I say that we really do appreciate it.

Mark Jones is one of the greatest people I have ever met.  When I was a senior at Biddeford high school, he came and spoke to my economics class about how to be financially responsible.  In eighty minutes I learned more about how to make money, save money, give money and avoid debt than I could ever imagine.  I wish I had the opportunity to spend a whole day with him!  At the end of the class, he said that if we wanted to email him our goals (financial and beyond) he would be more than happy to read them, keep in touch with us, and help us if he can.  So I did, and it was one of the best emails I have ever sent…

Every high school student—no, everyone should have the chance to experience what Mark has to offer.  Be it via his blog, a class or a full seminar, the information is extremely useful.  Not to mention Mark is simply all-around fantastic.  I could sing his praises all day long! Mark is extremely encouraging, sincere, thoughtful, and insightful. He helps you believe in yourself.  It’s always a treat to read his blog.  Whenever I have a new list of goals I send them to Mark and he provides a great commentary on them.

-Amy Mantis- Student @ Berkley College of Music
My Intro to Money Management class LOVED YOU and want you back!!!!!  I told them they would have to wait until they are juniors or seniors.  You are gaining quite the following.  They are working on a thank you and pictures……be on the look out.”

–Linda Verville, Biddeford High School