1:11 make a wish.

Our daughter Olivia jumps at every opportunity to think about what she wants.  Her walls are lined with Post-it notes of the many things that she wants to accomplish in the future and it is always great to watch her reach one of her goals and pull a note down.

2:22 make a wish.

Just this year she reached two significant goals, scaling the face of Whitehorse Ledge and Humphrey’s Ledge in North Conway, N.H., as well as making the playoffs with her Biddeford High School soccer team – a goal that she had been focused on for four years.

3:33 make a wish.

So often we focus on what we don’t want in our lives – I’m not sure why but it just seems easier to do sometimes.  Interestingly the most successful people spend very little time on what they don’t like or what they don’t want and instead focus intently on what they do want.  They talk about and think about the outcome they want and have a clear vision of where they want to end up and take action on the necessary steps to get there.

Olivia looks at the clock, “Dad, it’s 4:44 make a wish!”

She doesn’t catch the clock every time the hands line up on the same numbers but each time she does she uses it as an opportunity to once again think about something that she wants to happen in her life.

Leadership author and speaker, John Maxwell, once called it the ‘sure enough’ syndrome.  If you neglect to focus on what you want, sure enough, you won’t achieve it. If you focus on what you want long enough and take the steps necessary to succeed, sure enough, you will.

Sadly, many people give very little consideration to what it is that they really want and as Ben Franklin said, “Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.”  Sure seems like a sad philosophy to me.

Attorney Kerry Randall said, “Contrary to popular opinion, life does not get better by chance, life gets better by change.”  And changing our mindset and directing our energy to what we do want to come about can change our world because with belief and vision we harness the power of our minds and ultimately bring about what it is that we want most.

5:55 – make a wish.