We went to the movies the other night and on the way out I noticed “The Man of Steel” is coming to the big screen this summer.  The movie stars Henry Cavill as superman but I wonder if there can ever be a truer superman than Christopher Reeve.   Christopher Reeve of course played Superman many years ago now but became a true superman after his horse riding accident that left him a crippled and on a breathing apparatus for the rest of his life.  After the fall he did what any mortal would do.  He became depressed, felt that he had no direction or purpose, and nearly gave up but then found the superman cape that would change his life.  Through the unending support of his wife he donned the cape of faith that transformed him into the superman that he became.


Reeves shared, “America has a tradition that many nations probably envy.  We frequently achieve the impossible.  But that’s part of our national character.  That’s what got us from one coast to another.  That’s what got us the largest economy in the world.  That’s what got us to the moon.  Now, in my room while I was in rehab, there was a picture of a space shuttle blasting off. It was autographed by every astronaut down at NASA.  On the top of that picture it says, “We found nothing is impossible.”  Now, that should be our motto…. So many of our dreams, so many dreams at first seem impossible, and then they seem improbable.  And then when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.  So if we can conquer outer space, we should be able to conquer inner space, too.  And that’s the frontier of the brain, the central nervous system and all of the afflictions of the body that destroy so many lives and rob not only our country but every country of so much potential.”


During his struggles Reeves found that as Mother Theresa shared, “Faith keeps the person who keeps the faith,” and with that he devoted the remainder of his life to making a difference with every opportunity.

Faith – the ability to know something exists before actually seeing it.  As far as I know human beings are the only creatures in the world with this super hero ability.  It is Godlike – we can take nothing and make it something which begs the question when should we start making or building anything?  The answer is we shouldn’t start anything until we finish it.  A customer once brought me out to the building lot that he had purchased and proceeded to give me a tour of his home.  “Step inside,” he said.  I looked at him a little odd but followed him through the imaginary doorway and before I left I could actually see the fieldstone fireplace, the beamed ceilings, tiled floors, the great room overlooking the lake below and the beautiful sunsets he was seeing through his expansive windows.  St. Augustine of Hippo observed, “Faith is to believe what we do not see; and the reward of faith is to see what we believe.”  Whether it is a new home or something as seemingly unconquerable as the inner space of the central nervous system that Reeve championed – faith allows us to believe that the end vision will one day become a reality.


Faith is not so hard is it?  Author John Bisagno observed, “Faith is the heart of life.  You go to a doctor whose name you cannot pronounce.  He gives you a prescription you cannot read.  You take it to a pharmacist you have never seen.  He gives you a medicine you do not understand and yet you take it.” Every day we operate our lives on faith in one instance or another so we already have faith … the important choices are how we use it and where we place it.  To truly maximize the power of faith we need to utilize it to finish things before we start them.  Finish our day on paper before we start it; finish our month on paper before we start it, our year, and our life.  Too many of us go through life with too little foresight into what could be with too little focus on what is most important and we seldom seem to make any significant adjustment.  What is most exciting is that we can change the direction of our life at any time unlike most creatures on earth which seem to operate by some genetic code.  One of our neighbors mentioned this week that we had snow geese down in the river by our house and I realized the spring migration has started.  The geese do not have a choice – they simply migrate twice a year – it is what geese do.  Fortunately we aren’t geese.  You and I are blessed with the ability through faith to create something special … by finishing before we start and this, as Christopher Reeve shared, makes all things possible.